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Averroes On Plato\\\\\\'s Republic.pdf


Averroes On Plato\\\\\\'s Republic.pdf

Republic Category:Islamic philosophy by religion Category:Islamic literature Category:Philosophy of law by Plato Category:Plato Category:Books about democracy Category:Books about ancient Greece Category:Early philosophical works Category:PlatoQ: Paging and returning posts by certain category in Tumblr using PHP I'm trying to paginate through a tumblr list of posts with a certain category using PHP. I've seen a couple ways to do it but they all have some flaw. The Tumblr Docs: $.post(path, options, function(data, textStatus){ if (data.posts) { var content = ''; $.each(data.posts, function(i, post){ content += '' + + ''+ post.content +'' + post.title +'' + + ''; }); $('#posts').html(content); $('#next').click(function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $('#next').click(); }); } }); Returns the posts as an object $posts = $api->posts(1,6); Since the results are returned as an object, there is no way to check if the object has posts or not. A: First, to get the data as an object, you have to use the findPosts() method, passing the category, the number of posts and how many pages should be shown, and an optional callback. You can then just iterate over the result, and use the metadata for each post to find more information about it. In your example, your call would be something like this: $posts = $api->findPosts( 'my-category',

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